What social media platform suits your business best?

Every business owner *understands* the importance of having a social media presence, but have you thought about which platform is best suited to your business' needs
How do you want social media to serve your business?
What sector does your business lie in?
How do your customers access your products or services?
Your target market is...
What is the average age of your target market?
How much are you willing to spend on social media advertising?
Rate the visual appeal of your business:
Would you describe your product or services as quirky?
What type of content does your business produce online?
Tumblr is often overlooked by businesses due to its niche audience; however, it's ideal for quirky/cool visual content, which can get shared around by a lot of users pretty quickly if you use the right hashtags. It's especially effective for targeting younger users who spend a lot of time of online, and is a good way to increase your brand exposure.
Facebook is ideal for businesses with a target audience from any age group; however, it's the platform of choice for older age groups, given that 71% of adult internet users use Facebook. It's great for both local businesses who mightn't have a website but who want their customers to know where they're based and other info, as well as online businesses who want to communicate with their customers and promote their products online. 

This social network is great for keeping your customer base updated about what your business is doing (posting events and announcements etc). It's also ideal for promoting your products. We would recommend putting a bit of money into boosting your product posts if you want to get them seen by a wider audience, as organic reach on Facebook has been declining in recent years in favour of paid advertising. 

Twitter is arguably the best platform for sharing your content online and getting it seen by a wide audience. It's also ideal for networking, and for starting and engaging in conversations with your audience. 

It might be surprising to some, but Twitter has a younger audience base, its most popular age group being 18-29 year olds. That said, it's still popular among 30-49 year olds, particularly for the consumption of news and media.
If your business or products are visually appealing, you should never overlook Pinterest! 85% of its total audience is made up of women, and its pretty popular amongst all age groups, particularly 18-50 year olds.

Pinterest users typically pin and purchase food items (these being the most popular), home decor, clothes, beauty products and health and fitness equipment. So what are you waiting for? Get on board today!

If you have a bit of money to put behind your social media strategy, and brand awareness is your aim, YouTube is a great option. It's ideal for sharing tutorials, look books and advertisements for your brand. It has the potential to appear to a very large audience, and allows you the freedom to be creative with the content that you're putting out online.