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A quiz maker for building quizzes that look & function great. Make your own free Quiz that people love to complete & share. It takes minutes to start.

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Top Bloggers, Educators, Brands & Publishers are Generating Engagement & Leads with our Quizzes

Logo list of customer using Opinion Stage quiz maker
Logo list of customer using Opinion Stage quiz maker

Since 2011, Opinion Stage has been helping individuals and organizations of all sizes to make engaging quizzes that drive engagement, generate traffic, gather leads, boost revenue & extract valuable insights.

Why Our Quiz Maker Stands Out

Following are the top reasons why our quiz maker stands out from all other options

Create with Quiz Templates

Create quizzes from a wide variety of quiz templates. It takes minutes to create a fully functional quiz using a template. Templates are optimized for conversion and are a guaranteed way to bring great results.

Opinion Stage quiz maker includes numerous templates
Opinion Stage quiz maker increases engagement and viral sharing

Fantastic Engagement & Viral Sharing

An interactive quiz that is built for engagement and social sharing. Get’s amazing engagement results such as 80%+ participation rates, and 90%+ completion rates. Our quizzes integrate social sharing features in different ways to promote viral distribution.

Beautifully Designed Quiz

Use our built-in visually appealing designs to create playful, fun and beautiful quizzes that people love to participate in and share. Beautiful quizzes not only help strengthen your brand image but also result with higher participation rates.

Example of beautiful quizzes designed with Opinion Stage quiz maker
Look & feel customization options of Opinion Stage online quiz maker

Customize Quiz Look & Feel

You can fully customize your widget with our quiz generator so that it perfectly matches your brand. You can select between pre-built themes, select the font, colors and sizes of the quiz. You can also use custom CSS to change every design aspect of the quiz. Finally you can white label the quiz and add your own logo.

Lead Generation

Generate high quality leads by integrating a lead form in the quiz. This method of lead generation results with up to 500% more leads than when using static foms. The leads are also highly qualified as the contact information is associated with the quiz answers.

Our quiz maker helps you generate leads for your website
Opinion Stage quiz maker offers reporting and dashboard features

Advanced Quiz Reporting

Get detailed reports on all aspect of the quiz performance and results. Reports include a summary report, a result report, an outcome report, a responses report and more. You can also export all the report information to an xls/csv file for advanced analysis.

Different quiz types supported by Opinion Stage quiz maker

All Quiz Types

Our quiz builder supports all popular quiz formats to fully fit your use-case. Create personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, assessment quizzes, score quizzes and more.

Send Quiz Lead Data to Your Marketing Tools

Seamless connect the quiz to your marketing or email automation systems, so that quiz submission including the lead information is automatically populated to your systems. Use our native integrations or custom webhook, api or zapier integrations.

Quiz marketing integrations available within Opinion Stage platform
Email notifications sent by Opinion Stage quiz maker

Email Notifications on Submissions

Configure our quiz creator to get notified in real-time each time a user submits a quiz entry. Notifications include all the details of the quiz submission such as answers, result, lead information and submission time stamp.

Embed Anywhere or Run from Our Landing Page

The Quizzes can be embed from any CMS or web page. We support different types of embeds: javascript, iframe, placement, native wordpress and more. In case you do not own a site you can run your quiz from an optimized landing page on our site.

Our quiz maker lets you embed your content in a landing page

A Top Rated Quiz Maker

Opinion Stage quiz maker is easy to use and is a great alternative to BuzzFeed for businesses looking for a way to engage their customers. There are plenty of options for personalization and implementation

Haromny W.


This excellent software allows you to make anything from bespoke polls to quizzes, in seconds amending them just as quickly. The results look excellent on and add enormous value to your site

Jim O.


Very efficient integration in WordPress, it offers the ability to publish a quiz in minutes. We made a test run, and at the end, the test became the production run, as it was so simple to set up.

Pascal S.


A delightful tool to make quizzes. It just makes the task of creating elegant quizzes so easy. Instead of bothering about how my quiz will look and whether the software would be full of bugs, I can focus on the questions. Highly recommended.

Arnav S.


Great for creating various types of quick quizzes that can help draw traffic to your site. The interface is very intuitive to use, making it simple to create different types of quizzes for your different end-goals. They also have a WordPress Plugin that makes it easy to put quizzes on my blog.

Mommy B.


Great all around package, we've been using it for about a year. After checking all the alternatives there's no better option. The UI design is sleek and it adapts well to embed in our website. The features are everything we need. Customer support is great, quick to reply and super helpful.

Alex F.


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