Who were you in your past life?

You might be curious about habits and interests that make no sense to you. It could be possible that your past life has dredged up aspects into your current life which might hint at who you might've been! Answer these questions honestly, thinking hard on each one. Remember, there is no wrong answer. Happy discovering!!
Find out now!
What is your favourite pastime?
What is your preferred weapon?
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If your T.V remote's batteries run dry, do you:
How many pizza slices can you at at once?
Do you ponder on the reason for life?
what's your favourite genre of movies?
What superpower would you choose to have?
Your dream vacation
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A healer
Your heart lies with the people. You get great joy from making others feel better and this goes for physical ailments and mental illnesses.
A pirate
Arrrrrr!!! You were a plunder lover. You had a wild and savage heart that craves the open sea. Gold makes your eyes twinkle yet you don't need much in life that warrants the need of any.
Money Maker
You were a businessman, a trader, a money lender with a sharp mind for numbers. Being successful is a necessity for you. You have a sharp mind and can see solutions for problems easily.
You are a natural-born leader and you are used to having people look to you for ideas. You love to be adored and being right. Not to mention, you have an eye for jewels.
Housemaid or Butler
You have a fondness for following instructions. You find therapy in cleaning and keeping things tidy. You are a lover of gossip and keeping out of the limelight.
A cook
You are bossy, yet creative - a culinary wizard. You love spending hours on end exploring ew tastes, or perfecting your latest dish.
An explorer
You only answer to the wind. You have a free spirit that cannot be held tightly to commitments - if they're ever made. You get bored easily, yet you always find something to occupy your time.