Which Wellington cafe best suits you based on your personality?

Ah Wellington, the spiritual home of the cafe scene! With so many great cafes to choose from, which one is the most "you", based on your personality? Do the quiz and find out!
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If you had to choose a spare time activity it would be
Your most commonly used cafe vessel is
The best type of scone is
Your preferred mode of transportation is
You're a chain cafe goer and you're not ashamed to admit it. Mojos are only open on weekdays, but that suits you fine as you only ever pay for coffee during work hours. Normally you grab your first Mojo mocha of the day after you get off your bus/train in the business end of town, and head into your job at [enter name of public service-type job here]. Partway through the morning, you and your cubicle mate Dan might pop off to Mojo again for another mocha and maybe a cheese scone, if it's a really slow day.
Image: Edsel Little via Flickr
You were a big deal in the Wellington 'scene' a long time ago and, like anything, what people consider cool has moved on but you haven't. Going to the Lido Cafe makes you still feel a little hip, and the cheese scone selection remains to your liking - not too cheesy, and so fluffy that half of every bite sticks to the roof of your mouth and the back of your throat. Your first pick would have been Astoria but they shut up shop a long time ago.
As a self-confessed arbiter of good taste, good coffee matters to you more than being seen, which is why this hidey-hole of a coffee shop is where you choose to imbibe your java, always black. Despite your corporate-adjacent demeanour (are you an accountant? Are you a middle manager?), Lamason's reminds you that you're still quirky at heart, and while you dropped out of art school decades ago to do something a bit more "sensible", posting a 'gram of your People's Coffee and cheese scone makes you feel whole again. If you're not at Lamason, you're probably at Customs, Raglan Roast or L'affare.
The Chocolate Fish Cafe
One part suburban mum, one part bougie eco warrior, you have no shortage of reusable tote bags and branded eco coffee cups, which you proudly brandish at every opportunity. You do drive an SUV (how else do you transport kids and bikes?), but you like to tell people you've nicknamed it "Tess - short for Tesla", so no one is in doubt about where your values lie. Your drink of choice is a hot chocolate, and you like nothing better than to have a natter about the perils of suburban speed limits.
Other than the rare occasion that compels you to leave town, the geography of your whole life exists between Abel Smith Street and the Bucket Fountain. You do6nt so much mind the bitter brew at Fidel's, because the place is an institution and your vibe is very much Old School Urban, where an apartment in central Wellington meant a large empty warehouse space shared amongst seven friends, furnished with old sofas and ample space for your mate Mick's band to play. You only recently learned that the "Cuba" in Cuba street was not named after the country that is Cuba.
Spruce Goose
You're the new suburban dweller, for whom coffee is the mere sidekick to the modern pilgrimage that is the Weekend Brunch. You don't mind if the flat white is a bit cold or a bit burnt, as long as the latte art is on point and the Big Breakky can accommodate a side of avo. You wouldn't dare be seen in anything other than monochromatic athleisure wear, and one day you hope to own a small but chic villa in Greytown.