Best Online Educational Content - 2019

This category is to recognize the online blog, video platform, technical support or other online platforms that provide the best educational content in our industry. This online platform provides the correct information and an easy to understand way of learning and growing.
1,186 votes
The Rhinestone World You Tube Channel
Joseph PoindexterRob Bunn
1,276 votes
Embrillance You Tube Channel
Aaron MontgomeryLisa Shaw
21 votes
Catspit Productions You Tube Channel
Cristina CalimanoJeannie Clark Horton
46 votes
Sublimation 101 - Weekly Live Videos
Tisha AnnAnn Johnson
284 votes
Sunday Sass with Nicky Adamkiewicz
Nicky Martone AdamkiewiczKatherine Gundersen Dundas
Item disabled