Can You Recognize Women Who Made History?

Girls and women are, and always have been, just about half of human kind, but history all too often focuses only on that other half, the men. Do you know your historical women?
This influential media personality took over an unsuccessful daytime chat show and turned it into an international phenomenon. Do you recognize her?
Bill Ebbesen
This famous lady wrote a classic series of books that took her from rags to riches. Recognize her?
Flickr: Daniel Ogren
This brave girl from Pakistan promoted education for girls, so the Taliban shot her in the head. As soon as she recovered, she just kept at it!
Southbank Centre
The first woman to lead a Muslim state, she first served as Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1988–1990. Do you know her name?
This brave woman made history by refusing to leave her bus seat for a white man. Do you recognize her?
This famous lady lost her sight and hearing at a young age, yet went on to become a distinguished activist and writer. Do you recognize her?
When she won the Nobel Prize for her work on radiation, she was the first woman to ever win it. She is still the only woman to have ever won two Nobel Prizes!
This African-American feminist icon was hounded by the FBI as a Communist in the 1960's, but later on went to become a famous author and professor.
Nick Wiebe
Russia's longest-ruling monarch was initially received with suspicion because she was born outside Russia, but eventually became known as "the Great."
This English queen oversaw the defeat of the "invincible" Spanish Armada, paving the way to British control of the world's seas. Can you name her?
Hey! You'd better start paying more attention to women!
Hey! You'd better start paying more attention to women!
Yo go girl! Or guy. Or whatever.
Yo go girl! Or guy. Or whatever.
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