Which Original Trilogy Star Wars Hero Are You?

So there are seven Star Wars movies now, and all these new characters people are talking about. But if it were down to just the original trilogy (Episodes IV-VI), which character would you be?
What are you best at?
Do you have anger issues?
How do you communicate in stressful situations?
Which of these is usually most important to you?
People describe you as...
Which would you do for fun?
You find yourself lost in a vast desert. What do you do?
When faced with a really difficult situation, you...
Luke Skywalker
You are determined, fierce, intuitive, and idealistic. You're basically a total hero.
Han Solo
Cheeky, smooth-talking, daring, and cynical. You're great to have around when there's trouble, but you're likely to expect payment for your help afterwards. You're a crook, but when push comes to shove, you're a real hero.
Princess Leia
Idealistic, determined, insistent, and clever, people may underestimate you at first but you're quick to make it clear that you're no pushover.
You're big, you're strong, and there's actually a lot more to you but most people just think of you as a big brute because they don't get you. But your friends know you are fiercely loyal, and gentle too, and who cares what the rest think, right?
Small, cheeky, enigmatic. Nobody really gets you, but everyone likes you, and it's obvious that you have many impressive abilities.
So you can be a bit of a coward, and you never seem to stop talking, but it's clear to everyone that you are really, really smart. That's got to count for something, right?

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