Dog Breed Selector Quiz - What Dog Breed are You?

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. People do too. If you were a dog, what dog breed would you be? Try out our dog breed selector quiz to find out!

Where would you rather live?
What do you like to do on the weekend?
How are you with your best friend?
Do you spend a lot of time taking care to look great?
Do you think people "get you"?
How would friends describe you?
What's your advice for living well?
You need to repair the kitchen table. Do you try to do it yourself?
If you could go to any one of these places, where would you go?
What Dog Breed Are You? Poodle!
Poodles are considered the smartest breed of dogs ever created. They were first bred in Germany but were engineered into a standardized breed in France in the late Middle Ages. Poodles were featured in paintaings as far back as the 15th century.
Like poodles, you are highly intelligent, friendly, and energetic. You take a while to warm up to strangers and some people think you're a snob, but you're just a little bit shy. You love people, and once you warm up to them they can see it too. Like what you got in this dog breed selector quiz? 
What Dog Breed Are You? St. Bernard!
The St. Bernard is a very large breed of working dog, originally bred in the Swissh and Italian Alps as a rescue dog. They're popularly known as "those huge dogs with a barrel tied around their neck." An average St. Bernard can reach 35" (90cm) in height at the shoulders.
Like the St. Bernard, you are gentle, calm, sweet, and caring. You're great at making people feel better, rarely ever get angry, and you're famously great with children. So did the dog breed selector quiz get it right? let us know in the comments!

What Dog Breed Are You? Chihuahua!
Hailing from ancient Middle America, Chihuahuas are named after the Mexican state of the same name. They are famously the smallest breed of dog, and weigh as little as 4lb (1.8kg).
Like the Chihuahua, you are fiercely loyal to the one person most important to you, and you can even get overprotective and aggressive towards others. You can be a little snappy and even scare children sometimes with your temper, but you also love being at home and hiding in your blankets (or a pillow fort) and just chilling in that safe place. What do you think of this dog breed selector quiz, did it get you right?
What Dog Breed Are You? Boston Terrier!
Coming from 19th-century Boston, USA, the "American Gentleman" originally mixed fighting dog breeds but have been bred into one of the friendliest kinds of dogs.
Like the Boston Terrier, you are friendly and happy-go-lucky, even though you can be stubborn at times. You get along well with everyone and like making everyone feel comfortable, and you work hard when there's work to do but play even harder when there's fun to be had. Is this the ultimate dog breed selector quiz or what?
What Dog Breed Are You? Pit Bull!
The often-misunderstood Pit Bull is a strong type of dog that has often been abused for the purpose of dog fights.
Like the Pit Bull, you sometimes intimidate people and they can be scared of you and keep their distance, but that's just their loss. Sure, you're not afraid of a fight, but that's not all you're about! If they bothered to get to know you, people would find you're a charming and kind person who loves spending time with friends and family. Did we get it right and select the right breed of dog?
What Dog Breed Are You? Golden Retriever!
Originally bred in Scotland to help with hunting, the Golden Retriever is one of the most iconic and beloved breeds of dog. They are large, active, and friendly, and known as a classic family dog.
Like the Golden Retriever, you're a total people person. You love everyone you meet and are very friendly towards strangers. You love spending time active outdoors, whether working or playing, and you like it best when you get to spend time with people while doing it. Hope you like what you got in this dog breed selector quiz. Let us know in the comments!
What Dog Breed Are You? Pomeranian!
Originating in 18th-century Northern Germany, the Pomeranian (or "Pom Pom") is one of the cutest and most popular breeds of "toy dogs". Queen Victoria of England famously owned a small Pomeranian.
Like the Pom, you are friendly, playful, and lively. You love being near your best friend or SO, and you can even get snappy towards other people. You're so fierce you could be scary, if you wouldn't be so goddamn cute

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