Make a Reddit Poll in 4 Simple Steps

follow these simple steps to create and post an engaging poll on Reddit.

1. Create a poll

Begin with this poll creation form. Add your poll question or title, type in your answer options, add any visuals you like and click on ‘Create’.

create an online vote

2. Go to your dashboard

When your poll is ready, go to ‘My Items‘ where you will find your poll. This is where all the polls, quizzes, surveys, and forms you create will be saved.

visit your items dashboard

3. Click on ‘Embed & Share’

Click on the ‘Embed & Share’ button that’s associated with your poll. Select the ‘Share Link’ tab in the popup window that appears.

copy poll link

4. Share your poll on Reddit

Click on the Reddit icon to share directly to Reddit or copy the link in the dialog box and share it on your Reddit profile or in any Subreddit. And that’s it. You’re done!

Try this Reddit poll

Ready to get started?

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Some Tips for Creating a Great Reddit Poll

Now that you know how to make cool and engaging Reddit polls in just a few seconds, here are a few quick tips that’ll help you make sure your polls shine.

Choose the Right Poll Maker

You may have heard about the poll feature launched by Reddit in 2020. It’s pretty cool and useful but in some cases, it could present a few challenges. For example, you can only use the Reddit poll feature on specific subreddits that allow it, you also need karma points to create a poll with it, and you can’t use it to create an image poll. So, if you’re karmaless and/or want to make a poll that’s visual and more engaging a poll maker like ours is a good way to go.

Context Is Everything

Before sharing your poll in any subreddit make sure you read the rules. Every subreddit has its independent rules and if you break them the moderator may delete your post or ban you.

Once you’ve read the rules consider the conversational context. Make your poll relevant to the topic(s) of the subreddit. It will help you get people interested and involved.

Peaque Their Curiosity

Play to your audience’s natural curiosity. Often polls are not only about voting but also about finding out what other people voted for. Give your voters an extra incentive to participate by showing them what other people answered only after they cast their own vote. It’s very simple to do. Just make sure the box next to “Allow viewing results before voting” is not checked.

Keep Your Reddit Poll Consice

If you’re running a Reddit poll you probably want maximum participation. In other words, you want your audience to understand everything at first glance and vote without giving it a second thought. Make it easy for them, and keep your question, description, and answer options short and sweet.

Analyze the Results

After you publish your poll and it gets some traction, take a look at the results dashboard. It will show you how many people viewed it, the number of responses you received, a visual answer breakdown, and more. This data will help you optimize your poll and connect with your audience based on their answers.

run a poll on reddit

Reasons to Run a Poll on Reddit

There are many reasons to make a poll. After all, polls are fun, plus they’re a great way to start a conversation and to better understand public opinion. Here are a few more reasons:

Gather Focused Feedback

If you want to know what your audience thinks about you, how they feel about a specific topic, or whether they prefer one solution over another, polls are an effective way to collect their input.

Serve your audience with a quick poll to offer them an opportunity to give you some useful feedback.

Engage Your Audience & Learn About Them

Polls are engaging. People love participating in them, expressing their opinions, and discovering what others think. Use their attention and cooperation to ask questions that help you get to know them more and understand them better.

If you want to keep those engagement levels high but you have more than one question to ask, you may want to try making an exciting and playful Reddit quiz or a visual conversational Reddit survey.

Develop Your Online Community

Running a Reddit poll in a relevant Subreddit is a great way to gather your community around a certain topic. It’s also good for community building. For example, you could create a poll tradition that gives people the opportunity to get involved and express themselves on a regular basis. Or you could integrate a contact form in your poll to collect leads and keep in touch with your online community on multiple channels.

You can easily do it yourself, no developer needed

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