Which PBK Program Is Right For You?

I believe there are four unique stages of the authorship journey you could currently be at.

Take this quiz to find out which stage you're in and which of my programs I recommend as the best fit for where you are at.
Where are you in your writing process?
What is the next goal you'd like to accomplish?
What are you currently finding the *most* challenging?
Speaking of income…how much are you currently earning from your books and brand?
Finally, what mindset block comes up for you the most right now?
If you mostly picked A… you're in the writing stage!

If you're in this stage, it means you're still treating your writing like a hobby and/or still learning how to write, which is totally fine! You probably aren't ready to publish yet, but you know you want to go in that direction eventually.

The best two programs I can recommend for you at this stage are The Authorpreneur Kingdom Membership and Storyteller Academy.

The Authorpreneur Kingdom offers an introductory level of coaching for aspiring authors on a budget. It actually comes with the full Storyteller Academy course (valued at $497) when you join on the quarterly plan, because Storyteller Academy is no longer available as sold seperately.

It's really up to you which way you join and how much support you get as a result, but this is definitely the one program I recommend starting with.

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AUTHORPRENEUR KINGDOM: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/the-authorpreneur-kingdom-membership/

LEARN MORE ABOUT STORYTELLER ACADEMY: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/storyteller-pbk/

If you mostly picked B… you're in the author stage!

If you're in this stage, it means you're treating your writing seriously and you're working on your first serious manuscript. You've likely already written a ton of drafts and stories, and you're polishing and perfecting your best one for publication.

The best two programs I can recommend for you at this stage are Storyseller Academy and Everything Authorship.

Both of these programs will teach you how to publish, launch and market your book, as well as how to brand yourself as an author. The difference is that one is a self-paced course, and one is a guided group coaching program (with editing and cover design inclusive).

If you decide to join Everything Authorship, you will receive Storyseller Academy as part of the course, but doors only open a few times a year. Storyseller Academy, on the other hand, is open year round.

LEARN MORE ABOUT STORYSELLER ACADEMY: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/storyseller-academy-pbk/

LEARN MORE ABOUT EVERYTHING AUTHORSHIP: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/everything-authorship-pbk/

JOIN THE WAITLIST FOR EVERYTHING AUTHORSHIP: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/everything-authorship-waitlist/

If you mostly picked C… you're in the published author stage!

If you're in this stage, it means you've published a book and now you're working to publish more. Building a backlist, establishing yourself as an author, and producing sustainable income are some of your major goals right now.

The best two programs I can recommend for you at this stage are Author CEO Mastery and Author Mindset Mastery.

Both of these programs only open at certain times of the year, and both are mastermind programs. They aim to set you up for authorly success by giving you the tools to think bigger, plan your income and marketing strategy, put foundations and systems in place, and treat your author brand more like a biz.

Because you already know how to write and publish, it's just about practicing the two while adapting a business strategy that works for you so that you can grow and scale.

LEARN MORE ABOUT AUTHOR CEO MASTERY: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/author-ceo-mastery/

JOIN THE WAITLIST FOR AUTHOR CEO MASTERY: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/author-ceo-mastery-waitlist/

LEARN MORE ABOUT AUTHOR MINDSET MASTERY: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/mindset-mastery-mastermind/

JOIN THE WAITLIST FOR AUTHOR MINDSET MASTERY: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/mindset-mastery-waitlist/

If you mostly picked D… you're in the established author stage!

If you're in this stage, it means you have an established author brand and stable income. You're working less on marketing the books and more on being the face of your author brand, writing your next bestsellers, and doing author events. You're at a stage where hiring support and team members is not only doable, but kind of required--because you've got an author biz to run!

The best two programs I can recommend for you at this stage are Launch Kingdom Membership and my 1:1 Coaching Program: Authorship Coaching.

Both of these programs are high level investments with a lot of direct, 1:1 access to me. They are perfect for the author scaling fast and ready to go big.

Launch Kingdom Membership is perfect if you're ready to hire your first team member. It helps you manage your book launches more smoothly by giving you access to a VA *and* coaching support from me... both for the price of one.

My 1:1, on the other hand, is the most exclusive way to work with me. It's designed to help you go full-time in authorship and through it, you'll get access to all of my other programs (including anything I create and launch for the duration of us working together)

LEARN MORE ABOUT LAUNCH KINGDOM MEMBERSHIP: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/launch-kingdom-membership/

LEARN MORE ABOUT AUTHORSHIP COACHING: https://paperbackkingdom.lpages.co/authorship-coaching/