5 Ways to Future Proof Your Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers with the intention of converting them into customers. It is necessary for creating new customers along with retaining the older ones. It is a matter of concern for every marketer.

But the lead generation process is not that easy. With the emergence of new technologies and the changing habits and expectations of the customers and the clients, it is getting difficult day by day. You can’t just rely on the age-old methods to attract customers now. Marketers need new ways to reach potential customers. And the good news is there are still different ways to reach them. We have listed five such methods for you to generate high-quality leads:

1.  Create useful free eBooks

I am pretty sure you have come through many free but useful eBooks by now while surfing through the internet. These eBooks generally discuss the problems of the potential customers and find the solution to their problems. They are free to download and require your information like name, address, email and phone number.

That’s how the lead generates. You offer people a free eBook on something that may be useful and make it available for free to download in exchange for filling in information. Once you have got the information, you can send them your offers they might be interested in via email or phone.

2.  Offer a free trial

In most cases, free trialsare offered with Software as a Service (SaaS) products. You must have come across some of these by now that offer you a free trial. For instance – Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers a 7-day trial.

Opinion Stage lets you create contents to get more traffic, leads, sales, and insights. They also offer a free trial along with the paid plans.

What they do in common while offering the free versions? They collect your information, the contact information and send you their premium options once your trial period ends. As you were already using a trial version of their tool, the possibility is you might engage in using their premium tools as well if you have found it useful.

This is an effective method to generate leads and one of the bests in our opinion. Create a trial version of your service and offer it to people to engage them in becoming your customer.

3.  Create a quiz

Creating a quiz on your tool or something else like the trending topics – World Cups, Olympics, etc. is an excellent way to engage people and share their information with you. It is a creative way to obtain their contact information. The result of the quiz will hand you a lead easily in this case.

For example, we may have a look at the website of Opinion Stage. They have created some questionnaires. One of them is on “How Knowledgeable Are You in Social Media?” There are a lot more like this. These quizzes are highly beneficial for people to understand where they stand and are likely to engage in taking this quizzes for their betterment. In exchange, they will end up providing their contact information. Simple, comfortable, and effective method. Opinion Stage lets you create such questionnaires without any hassle.

4.  Host a giveaway

Giveaways are pretty typical these days. What are these giveaways for? Because they have a lot of leftovers? No. Nobody gives away something for nothing. These people may be offering you a free giveaway, but you need to sign up, share that in social media and even like or follow them. Imagine how many people are going after this one product that is available for giveaway. All of them are sharing their information, and one of them is lucky enough to get the prize.

What happens here? They may have something that they can allure you with and extract your information from you. Later on, they send their offers and product information to you via email. Such giveaways are one of the most successful forms of lead generation as a lot of people are already engaging and people often end up sharing the offers they like with friends and family. Thus it helps reach a more significant amount of audience.

5.  Create a free version

Many companies have a free version of their product with somewhat limited functionality. Let’s take Grammarly as an example. They have a completely free version, but their premium version has a lot more useful features.

Once a customer gets used to the free version, they are likely to buy the paid version. Plus, while signing up for the free version, they give you their contact information which you can use to send them special offers.

Wrapping Up

Everything evolves with time. So, with the changing world, generating leads has also changed. You need to have better ideas than ever before. We have mentioned some of the best ways to create leads above. There are many more like giving coupons, sharing encouraging success stories, answering tough questions, creating email course, etc. You can opt for any of the available solutions to have your purpose served.

This is a guest post by WebAlive team, a Melbourne based digital agency offering web design and SEO services.