How to Choose the Right Contact Lenses According to Your Skin Tone?

Contact lenses are in trend for plenty of reasons. People like to wear them because these lenses are more comfortable compared to eyeglasses. They are more fashionable, too. If you want to look different, the colored contact lenses are an appropriate choice. Such lenses feature to carry variable effects. Choosing the right pair of eyeglasses depends on many patters like tonality, opacity, size, color, etc. When you want to buy a pair of contact lenses, you should know that your skin tone can affect how much the contracts stand out.
Here is an expert guide to choose contact lenses for your skin.

Fair Skin

You are so lucky to have fair skin. Almost every color looks great with fair skin. However, for a classy look or a dazzling face, opt for colored contacts in shades of blue and gray. The bright color is also an excellent choice for your skin. Choose the lenses that shine brightly. Purple is the best recommendation for a bright color to stand out from the crowd. No matter you want to buy Crazy or zombie contact lenses.

Tanned/Medium Skin
Do you have tanned or brown-skin? If so, go for the bright colored lenses. Or choose one that has the potential to make your eyes glow brighter than your complexion. Green, honey, grey or dark blue (sapphire/navy) contacts are the most appropriate choice for your skin. Don’t opt for bright blues like turquoise/aqua though. They do not pair well with caramel skin tones. If you want to choose neutral colors like grey or brown contacts, ensure they are of a somewhat different shade than your eyeshadow.  This makes irises pop.
Dark Skin

A variety of colors is suitable for dark skin or dusky complexion. It depends on what kind of effect you want. Choosing warm colors are the best one. For a naturally sexy look, go for warm brown or 2-tone violet that contacts for a bit of edge. In addition, smoky colors, too, can make your look seductive and sexy. However, honey or autumn-colored lenses, or even grey lenses are perfect for the people who want an out-of-the-box look. Say ‘no’ to loud colors such as aqua, pink as they don’t complement your look.

Many types of contact lenses are available in the market. Among them, crazy contact Lenses, zombie contact lenses are people’s most favorite choice. Before choosing the one, you should also take care of your hair color.