Let's Talk About Coffee

Do you drink coffee?
It seems like everybody does. There are cafes everywhere. At some places like Starbucks they ask you many questions about how you want your coffee made. I think it is too many questions and I try to order quickly by saying, “Coffee. Just coffee” or “a regular coffee, please.”
But they always want to know something more like what size or hot or iced.
In Vietnam you can just order coffee, “coffee”. Mostly that means you will get a black iced coffee. They won’t ask you any questions, so if you want your coffee hot, or with sugar- or cigarettes; you need to say something. Vietnamese coffee is made from robusta beans, they are very strong and bitter. In the rest of the world coffee is made from arabica beans which are sweeter and have less caffeine. I like Vietnamese coffee and will even drink it at night because caffeine has never been a problem for me and I can fall asleep easily.

What about you? Do you drink coffee? What kind of coffee do you like?