What does your room look like right now?
How's work/school going?
How do you spend your free time?
What does your social media feed look like?
How do you take care?
You need to manifest some personal changes
You may be feeling stuck, or are just lacking in a sense of happiness or fulfillment. Its ok to feel down, sometimes we let our moods get the best of us. But for every high there is a low, and things always turn around. Right now you need to look inward and focus on your needs and what is gonna take you back to a happy place.

Watch Porco Rosso to cultivate some joy and manifest more fun. Watch Howl's Moving Castle to get a confidence boost. Or watch Spirited Away if you're feeling stuck and need a fresh new perspective.

Remember to believe in yourself and smile often, good things are coming your way!
You need to manifest some lifestyle changes
Maybe you're feeling at a loss in your career or school, or your house is a mess, or that creative project you've been trying to work at just isn't coming through. Whatever it is, you need to shake up your routine a bit. Now is the time to bust out a journal and start making a five year plan, or bust out the vacuum and tidy up your space to make way for new energy.

Watch Kiki's Delivery Service to manifest more ambition and some career changes, or Only Yesterday to manifest your true calling in life. Watch From Up On Poppy Hill if you just need to get organized or declutter your space. Watch Whisper of the Heart to get those creative juices flowing.

A positive change in lifestyle can bring about positive change everywhere else. If you start living for you and starting each day off in a positive way you'll see the life you want manifest before your eyes.
You need to manifest some relationship changes
Maybe your current relationships aren't fulfilling all your needs, or you find yourself feeling lonely. Whatever it is, you need to manifest some positive personal relationships. Think about changing boundaries with the people you do know, cutting out toxic friends, being more grateful for those you do have that love you, or getting out there and meeting new people!

Watch My Neighbor Totoro to manifest some new friendships, or help revive old ones. Watch Whisper of the Heart to manifest deeper and more meaningful connections. Watch Spirited Away to bring in some new energy and cut out toxic people.

Human's weren't meant to be alone. Right now you should focus on creating positive relationships around you, but most importantly that work starts with yourself. Be grateful and positive every day and good people will come your way!
You're ok!
Keep going! You're moving in the right direction and things are going well for you! You have a positive sense of self, fulfilling relationships, and a happy lifestyle. Spread the love and help those you meet along the way!