What's Your Girl Almighty Vibe?

What type of girl almighty vibe suits you? Take the quiz and get a mood board perfectly suited to your vibe, and then go take on the world as the girl almighty!
After a super busy week, you finally have some time off. How are you spending it?
You're half awake, staring at your phone which is buzzing with texts from your friend. They need some cheering up, what do you do?
You've recently come into a large amount of cash, how are you spending it?
You walk into a party and immediately lock eyes with a sexy stranger from across the room. How are you gonna flirt your way into their heart?
Its been a rough couple of days, but things are starting to look up. How do you pick yourself up after a rough patch?
You need a new journal, what look are you going for?
How would you describe yourself?
You need some guidance and clarity. How are you communing with the universe to figure things out?
You're at a party and things are picking up. How are you enjoying your time?
How are you the girl almighty?
The Life of the Party
You light up the room as soon as you walk in. You're always finding new people to talk to and hang out with, and you have a wide social circle filled with fun, creative people. You're always full of energy and ambition, dancing up a storm at the mall and in your room and trying daring and fun looks with your makeup and clothes! You're always good to have around when life is getting a little boring.
The Most Interesting Person in the Room
You are an intellectual, and proud of it! You know how to keep a conversation going, and thats what people love the most about you, your ability to think deeply, see things from a unique perspective and come up with creative ideas. You have a simple, authentic style, and a simple, authentic way of existing. People admire you for your vulnerability and creativity. You're anything but basic, own it!
The Trendsetting Queen
You're definitely the alpha. You know whats good and you won't settle for anything less. You're confident and self assured, and that shines through to the people you know and the places you visit. While some may be intimidated by your daring sense of style and your intense personality, you don't bother with people who aren't worth your time. Own your energy, and take over the world with it!