Following is the Fun Survey related to K-Beauty Trend! We are having this survey to know the popularity of this Trend and to discover the most cherished K-Beauty Brands.

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Do you reside in India?
What is your Skin concern? (can select more than one)
Do you have high Sensitivity to any of the following ingredients? (can select more than one)
Is your present skincare routine resolving your Skin Concern?
Does K-Beauty skin care Regime/ Products sound familiar to you?
If you are familiar with K-Beauty! Where have you heard about K-Beauty Products? (can select more than one)
Which of the following K-Beauty Brands have you heard of? (can select more than one)
Have you used any K-Beauty Products?
Do you wish to try K-Beauty products?
Which of the following K-Beauty Brand is your favorite? (can select more than one)
Would you recommend these K-Beauty Products to your friends/ Relatives?
How much is your monthly expenditure on skincare/ Cosmetics/ Parlour?
Thank You!
We Appreciate your Interest and Patience!

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