Quiz: Can you keep up with the Cryptocurrency craze?

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Who was the creator of Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system?
What is the total number of tradable Cryptocurrencies?
What is the total supply of Bitcoins?
Which was the first Cryptocurrency to support smart contracts?
Which Crypotcurrency exchange had the highest trading volume in January?
If you wanted to transfer Cryptocurrency as cheap as possible, which of the following coins should you use?
How is the transaction fee calculated on the Ethereum Network?
What’s the average cost per trade for buying and selling Cryptocurrency on an exchange?
Who was the secret mastermind of the Bitconnect pyramid scheme?
Which of the following sites are useful for tracking Cryptocurrency prices?
Which was the first country to recognise Bitcoin as a Currency?
Which of the below correctly represents the market share of Cryptocurrencies on the 1st January 2018 in ascending order?
Complete this sentence: "_________ is a game theoretic approach used to validate data transferred between parties that do not necessarily trust each other.
The mining difficulty on Bitcoin’s SHA256 hashing algorithm just adjusted at block 505,809, when is the next mining difficulty adjustment?
Complete this sentence: "A _________ runs on a decentralized, distributed, public Ledger, also called a _________. New teams raise money for their project through an _________, mainly accepting the cryptocurrency _________ as investment.

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