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Opinion Stage’s online voting polls are ideal for running elections, competitions or raffles. You can conduct the vote from your site, from your Facebook page or from your own voting page on the Opinion Stage site.
Setting up an online vote and starting to collect votes is easy and takes just a few minutes.
Opinion Stage poll reporting dashboard, let’s you gather detailed information about the results and the voters.
You can discover geographic locations of the votes, see how the vote results evolved over time, and cut & slice the poll results using many different filters.

"…we created an election poll in which over 30,000 users participated. The poll created a lot of buzz and produced 100,000’s of views and 10,000’s of shares. It also assisted us in extracting interesting insights into our site visitors and into online political trends…"
Amir Shiloh, Editor of Walla! Elections

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Online Voting Examples:

Boost engagement. Drive traffic to your site. Gain insights. Generate revenue… What's your motivation?
  • Supports all types of online voting

    whatever type of online voting poll you would like to set up (e.g. an election, competition, raffle, etc), Opinion Stage offers the full feature set and flexibility needed to get the best results

  • Reports on results and voters

    track the vote results from the poll results dashboard. Using built-in filters you can slice & dice the poll results by demographic, social and behavioral attributes such as location, time of vote, gender, social network belonging and more. With social votes, you can also discover who the voters are getting the list of social profiles of public voters

  • Public and anonymous voting

    depending on your needs, you can determine if a social profile is required, optional or not needed at all for voting. In addition, you can determine if users that use their social profile to vote can hide their profile so that nobody knows what they voted, or are required to vote publicly if they want to participate

  • High voting authenticity

    sometimes the number of votes is more important than the authenticity of the votes. But in cases you want to validate that the votes are authentic, you have a few options to do so, such as preventing repeat voting using a cookie or/and IP mechanism. You can also require voters to use their social profile for voting to further improve the vote authenticity

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