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Whether you want to discover the opinions of your audience, gather feedback, run a competition or an election, research the preferences of a selected audience, Opinion Stage online polling is your answer.
Opinion Stage’s online poll solution lets you easily create free polls, add them to your site or Facebook page and start collecting results, all in a few minutes.
From the report dashboard you will be able to view beautiful poll result reports, analysis tools and advanced information. As a site owner, opinion stage online polls improve engagement on your site, improve your site’s social presence and distribution, and can also help you monetize your traffic.

"I highly recommend Opinion Stage as they offer a fantastic product with exceptional support. Whenever I required additional help, they listened to my needs and promptly replied with a solution."
Scott Percival, Ensite

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Online Polls Examples:

Boost engagement. Drive traffic to your site. Gain insights. Generate revenue… What's your motivation?
  • Discover opinions

    Opinion Stage web polls let you discover much more than just the result of the poll. You can discover how users voted over time, their geographic location, their social profiles, view the result by social & demographic filters, and much more

  • Engage your audience

    Opinion Stage online polls are designed to improve engagement by allowing voters to view the social profiles of the other voters and the option to view the results by different social and demographic filters. This translates to more votes and more time spent on the pol

  • Drive traffic to your online poll

    Opinion Stage online polls have a social layer built into their core. This results with many social shares of the poll votes, which improves the social presence of your poll and site, and drives social traffic to your site

  • Research online poll results

    Using the poll report dashboard you can research the poll results in a few dimensions. You can filter the results by many social & demographic filters such as gender, geographic location, time of vote and more. You can also discover how engaging the polls is, how many social shares there were and in what social networks. You can also discover how much social traffic the poll sent back to the site

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