How To Tell If Debt Consolidation Is Right For You

Take this simple two-minute quiz and we'll advise what could be best for you.
Do you know how much interest you'll be paying?
Have you worked out a budget so you can afford the repayments?
Are you likely to take out any further credit on top of paying back a consolidation loan?
Is your income likely to remain the same during the loan term?
Do you know the difference between an unsecured and a secured loan?
Have you recently checked your credit score?
Do you know how much you currently owe?
Do you know how much you'll owe with a debt consolidation loan?
Do you know the difference between debt consolidation and debt management?
Have you compared different company's interest rates for a debt consolidation loan?
We recommend you get some more advice.
From the answers you've given, we think you could benefit from receiving some more advice before considering a debt consolidation loan.

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Alternatively, you can get free personalised advice from Step Change on how to best manage your debt.
Debt Consolidation could be right for you.
From the answers you've given, it sounds like you've given this a lot of thought!

debt consolidation loan could be a suitable option for you. 

As one of many options to manage debt, if you have any doubts about your finances, you can get free personalised advice from Step Change.