How Much Will You Spend During the World Cup?

The World Cup is really exciting time for sports fans around the world, but it can also be quite expensive. Can you stick to a good budget or will you end up overspend? Find out now!
You know might spend a bit more during the World Cup, how will you manage your budget?
You've seen a deal for a new TV to watch all the football on, are you going to buy it?
Which statement is more accurate for you?
You fancy a pizza whilst watching a match rather than what you'd planned for dinner earlier. Do you...
You're currently travelling and can't watch the game without buying more data for your phone, do you...
Your hosting a World Cup Party and need supplies, do you...
You've gone over your monthly budget two weeks early, do you...
Are you going to buy a football shirt this year?
How much will you spend on betting during the World Cup?
England miraculously win the World Cup, what are you doing to celebrate?
You're well within budget!
Well done! You've been careful with managing your expendable income and have won the financial equivalent of the World Cup this summer! You've spent well within your budget and are unlikely to have a nasty surprise when checking your account next month.
You've been fairly sensible!
You've performed admirably and got a runners-up medal, but your run to the cup final wasn't without a few lapses of concentration. Your spending has been up and down, and you could've saved a bit of money here and there!
You've gone overbudget!
The temptation to overspend during the World Cup has been too strong. You took your eye off of the ball and unfortunately you've crashed out at the group stages. If you need a hand managing your monthly budget, give this a try!