National Investigative Network Launches Canada’s Largest-Ever Journalistic Collaboration

The National Student Investigative Reporting Network (NSIRN) is proud to announce the launch of the largest journalistic collaboration ever in Canada, bringing together more than 50 journalists and journalism students to examine the hidden costs of the oil and gas industry to Canadians.
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Toronto Star: That rotten stench in the air? It’s the smell of deadly gas and secrecy

As the number of shale oil wells has soared in Saskatchewan, the risk of hydrogen sulphide leaks has multiplied. A year-long investigation reveals what the government and industry knew — and kept from the public.

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Toronto Star: ‘There’s no sense in speaking up’ despite deadly gas risks
Culture of silence reigns when dealing with the oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan as residents fear shunning, or worse.

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National Observer: Inside Saskatchewan's failure to stop silent killer

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Funding for the research for this project was provided through the Michener Foundation and Corporate Mapping Project. The final product, which gives a voice to communities that are central to the industry, is a cutting-edge is example of what can be achieved when journalists, students and academics work together.

We are calling on Canadian educational institutions, the federal and provincial governments, and on our readers to support NSIRN and other efforts like it.

Ours is a uniquely Canadian solution to a uniquely Canadian problem, drawing on one of our greatest assets: Our ability to get along in the interests of the collective.

We need support to carry out the watchdog function that we, and journalists like us, want to serve in the public interest.

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