What's your tech personality?

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When you hear about an interesting new tech tool, what do you do?
How often do you read (or listen to) technology news?
What do you do if a new technology you’re using malfunctions?
How optimistic are you about the potential of new technologies?
Which would you rather do?
You are happiest when you are…
Because of your expertise you’ve been selected to spend a year on the International Space Station. Which role best fits you?
The Optimistic Visionary

Congrats! You're an optimistic visionary. You have a strong curiosity about new technologies, you like being an early adopter, and you have a sense of optimism about the potential of new technologies. You love to continually learn about new technologies and think about how they might be used for creative library services.

The Rational Visionary

Congrats! You're a rational visionary. You are curious about new technologies, and you are generally optimistic about their potential. You enjoy conducting studies that help you understand the needs of your users. You like to observe your users interacting with new technologies in experiments that you helped to devise. You research solutions and read reviews to help you make informed choices.

The Thoughtful Implementer

 Congrats! You're a thoughtful implementer. You like to wait until you’ve heard positive reports about new technologies before trying them. You rely on techie colleagues for advice and help. You’re cautious about new technologies and want to make sure to consider possible harms as well as benefits. You are good with details and like to have step-by-step instructions when learning. You’re good at evaluating which new technologies will have the most benefits for your users.

The Cautious Implementer

Congrats! You're a cautious implementer. You want to make sure that people consider the possible harms of new technologies before implementing them. You are frustrated when new technologies don’t work correctly. You would enjoy taking on the role of ruling out technologies that are impractical or too expensive to implement. When learning about new technologies you enjoy learning from techie colleagues who are good at explaining things and answering your questions.