What kind of computer science teacher are you?

Take our 10 minute quiz to find out what type of computer science teacher you are.

Find out how others view you, discover your secret strengths and understand your weaknesses. Are you an enthusiastic expert, a supportive shepherd, a curious creative, an industrious introvert, a proactive perfectionist or a strict sergeant?

What is your teacher style?
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Which of these would you prefer to drink when you get home from school?
Which of these do you think is MOST important to teach to pupils?
Do you enjoy your job?
When using paired programming how do you split the pupils into pairs?
Your end of year reports are due. What do you do?
How many hours do you spend doing school work in the evenings?
What was the last thing you spent your own money on for school?
You need to teach your pupils a new skill that you don’t feel you know very well yourself. Do you…
You see a new student crying in the playground, what do you do?
You have set your class a programming challenge and one of your students puts up their hand saying their code is not working. What do you do?
The noise level is getting a little too loud in your classroom. What do you do?
You are running late to the morning staff briefing. What do you do?
How many pupils do you have in your tutor group who receive free school meals?
What did you do during your last school holiday that you are most proud of?
How confident are you in your subject knowledge?
It is the last lesson before breaking up for Christmas. What do you do with your class?
How would your students describe you?
If you were not a teacher, what job would you do?
Your head teacher has asked you to come to their office when it is convenient. How do you feel?
A colleague tells you about how hard one of your quieter pupils in your tutor group has been working lately. What do you do?
What do you usually do during your lunchtime?

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Enthusiastic Expert

You are passionate about your subject and love nothing more than learning new things that you can show to your classes. Your excitement is infectious. You have the ability to get even the most apathetic students excited about the subject. You have a strong work ethic and always give 110% to the job. You are driven to find out new things and present them to your students and want to know everything about technology and won’t rest until you do. However, you must be careful to avoid becoming a workaholic and sacrificing other interests and responsibilities in your eagerness to follow your desire to know more. You can find it difficult to relax and often expect others to have the same enthusiasm for the subject as you do and will often take over other projects which can cause friction with other team members.

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Supportive Shepherd

You are there for the people around you, you listen without judgement and do whatever is needed. You are a natural cheer leader, cheering for everybody else’s cause and you encourage those who are around you to reach for your dreams and succeed. Your giving nature can sometimes mean that you are weighed down by others’ need for support and it can sometimes make it difficult for you to remain positive. It can also make you a target for manipulators who would take advantage of your kindness and you find it difficult to seek help from others when you need it.

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Curious Creative

You are naturally drawn to problems that other people would choose to avoid and your curiosity makes you adventurous. You are often knowledgeable either in a general way or about something more specific and you see the world a little differently to others. You are determined, hardworking and driven but not stifled by conventions which means you can often find a solution that others are unable to see. You can sometimes be out of touch with reality and may get distracted from day to day practicalities and you can be prone to self-doubt.

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Industrious Introvert

You are a good listener and make thoughtful friends and you think before speaking and acting which prevents you from making silly mistakes. You are unselfish in your desire to put others before yourself. As you prefer to observe rather than be centre stage, you notice things that others may miss. However, you can have feelings of insecurity and doubt and often blame yourself when something goes wrong. You have difficulty in saying “No” or delegating tasks to others and you often compare yourself to others.

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Proactive Perfectionist

You like to think ahead, prepare and then act thereby taking control of your own destiny. You are naturally a leader as you always seek to improve yourself and your surroundings. You are meticulous, always looking for ways to make things better and you set yourself high standards. You can sometimes view others who are not on top of things as being lazy which can put a strain on professional and personal relationships and you are never truly satisfied as you are always seeking perfection.

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Strict Sergeant

You are able to meet deadlines, keep control of a classroom and plan your lessons well in advance. You are often admired and respected for your organisational skills and you respect authority and can be counted upon to toe the company line. You rule the classroom with a set of clear rules and children know how to behave in your classroom. Sometimes you can focus too much on a small detail and lose focus on the bigger picture and your need for order means you may find it difficult to deal with the unexpected.

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