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A small company has ordered 6750 flyers to leaflet the local area. They have handed out 327 at the local shops. There are 5000 houses in the local area. How many leaflets do they have left to post door-to-door?
In the image is a label, seen during the sales at a nearby shopping centre. Identify the original price for the item. (label reads: Summer Sale 20% off RRP Now £72)
A recipe for chocolate brownies is as follows: 110g butter/margarine, 165g sugar, 2 free range eggs, 110g self-raising flour, 55g melted chocolate. What’s the ratio of butter to sugar in the chocolate brownie recipe in its simplest form?
Select the true statement:
A multiple choice test consists of five questions each with a choice of 3 answers. How many possible ways are there to complete the test?
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  • Q1: Answer: 6423 flyers. The calculation that was needed was 6750 - 327. The 5000 houses was irrelevant information.

  • Q2: Answer: £72pounds = 80% of the RRP. 1% off the RRP = 72 divided by 80 = 0.90. 100% of the RRP (i.e. the full price) = £90.

  • Q3: Answer: 110:165 which can be simplified to 2:3.

  • Q4: True statement = A triangle can be both isosceles and right-angled.

  • Q5: Answer: Each question can be one of three options so there are 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 243 ways.