How healthy is your reading diet?

Today we want to think about how balanced your reading diet is. Just like your diet, you can get stuck indulging in "junk food reading" or feel like you only read "the fruits and veggies" when forced. Below is a quick way to think about this balance.
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Which best captures what you tend to read:
When you read fiction, which best describes what you read:
How would you describe the difficulty of the books you tend to choose:
Which best describes your reading genre preference:
Which best describes your reading volume:
Gourmet Reader
You're reading diet is well-balanced. You strive for a variety of challenges and experiences and are growing in good ways. You experiment with new genres or topics and are willing to try something new.
Image: Edsel Little via Flickr
Comfort Reader
You tend to stick what you know--familiar authors or genres. You're doing good at volume or consistency, you're just sticking in a narrow lane. You could add more balance by exploring new genres or more challenging reading experiences.
Junk food reader
You tend to read what's easiest or most convenient. You haven't challenged yourself in a while and don't always feel like you get much out of your reading. You could become more balanced by finding a topic and book that is more interesting you and building some consistency in your reading schedule.