Is This the Name of a Town in Idaho or a Craft Beer?

Like Idaho, craft beer has a beauty all its own. Also like Idaho, many of them have odd names.

Take the quiz below to see if you can tell which is the name of an Idaho town and which is the name of a craft beer.
Sweep Boat
Dick Shooter
Shells Lick
Pillow Line
Beer Bottle Crossing
Witch's Tit
China Hat
We understand why you might think names like Dingle or Fish Haven (also towns in Idaho) would reflect some hip new brewery's sense of humor. So, don't feel bad about your low score. It's not your fault. It's not your fault. It's not your fault.
Not bad. Maybe you live in a small town with an odd name, or have worked at a small brewery that loves odd names. Either way, if you got Beer Bottle Crossing incorrect, you're not alone (refer to the folks in the 0-3 category).
You are either into zythology and/or toponomy, you decided to GTS, or you got lucky. You know what? We don't care how you did it. We're just happy you took the quiz and maybe learned a little something. And next time you're in Bone, Cabinet, Paul, or Santa (all towns in Idaho), consider ordering a pint of Salty Bear, Black Cliffs, Dagger Falls, Evans Gate, or Teton Range (all Idaho-made brews).