Which Cars character are you?

As one of the most elite movies to have ever been made, Cars hit the big screen 14 years ago. The movie introduced us to some of the funniest and favorite Disney characters from Lightning McQueen to Chick Hicks. There are so many characters to choose from but which is most similar to you?

*Disclaimer - by continuing, you will not be offended by the results you receive*
What kind of character would you be in a movie?
What is your favorite genre of movies to watch?
How do prefer to spend your Friday nights?
What type of car do you prefer?
Which Cars movie is your favorite?
Which resturant has the best chicken nuggets or strips?
How woul you describe yourself in your friend group?
What is your go-to movie snack?
What kind of person are you?
Is Cars the best movie ever made?
Lightning McQueen
You run the show. You are the main character in your friend group and have an outgoing personality. Not only do you love to have fun but deep down, you also really care about your friends just like Lightning McQueen.
You are more the supporting character just like Mater was. You go with the flow and are always ready to go on an adventure. Just like Mater, you value your friendships a lot and appreciate the smaller things. You are always down for a good time.
Doc Hudson
If you got Doc Hudson, you are most likely the mom or dad of your friend group. You possess a lot of wisdom and knowledge for your age. If any of your friends have any problems, you usually have good advice or know what to say. The mom or dad is usually the backbone of any group.
From your responses, you most relate to Sally. You are a quiet, more reserved individual. In your friends, you usually just go with what the group decides. However, you still love to have fun and like to get out of your comfort zone once in a while.
Chick Hicks
Do not take this personally, but from your answers, you are just like Chick Hicks. You are competitive but sometimes overly competitive. Most likely, you are intimidating to others or just sometimes mean. However, the plot, or life in general, would not be interesting without an antagonist or you.
Your personality most relates to a VW bus. Like Fillmore, you are a chill person who is laid back and relaxed. Stay groovy dudes.
'The King'
You are just like 'The King'. Even though you are young, you have an older soul. Deep down, you have a competitive nature but there is also a lot of wisdom instilled in you.
As the most underrated character from Cars, Guido never got the recognition he deserved. You are just like Guido. You are funny and talented at the skills or traits you possess. However, you do have a short temper but that is not seen very often.
Without Mack, Lightning McQueen would have never ended up in Radiator Springs. You are the glue behind your friend group but not always the one in the spotlight. You are a hard worker and sometimes forget to get enough sleep. Lightning McQueen could not function without Mack.