Find Your Mentor Star Power

MentorshipRevolution needs individuals who can contribute to the lives of others by being mentor-like. This may be a person who has professional mentoring experience, or a person who has the qualities to act as a mentor. Take this quiz today to find out whether you have mentoring star power!
Define what you think a mentor is ( or should be).
Why would you want to be a mentor?
Have you ever experienced having a mentor yourself? It doesn't have to be a professional mentor.
Would you enjoy being a mentor?
What is one characteristic all mentors should have?
You were born to be a mentor ( Seriously)!!
You have made an A+ in the mentor Arena. As the founder of MentorshipRevolution I learned long ago that being a mentor is less about talk (of any kind), but more about actions. Part of having mentor star power is being aware about the needs that all human beings have, caring about those needs, and making huge effort to help others meet their needs . You can't control the world, but by acting as a mentor to someone else you can change their life and create world effect.
You have potential mentoring star power!!
You definitely show potential to one day change lives by acting as a mentor. But you have to make that decision, and maybe there is some other way to serve others that fits better for you. That is just fine! Keep enjoying the journey as you discover\live your purpose ( and make the best of all that entails).
You being a mentor is possible, but there is plenty of time....
Anyone can cultivate/ discover the star power within them that makes them a change making mentor. You may not feel you want to be a mentor, but don't mark it off as a possibility in your lifetime. In the meantime i hope you are enjoying living out the purpose you were created for!