Perfectionism Quiz: Are you a Perfectionist?

Do you expect things to turn out perfectly without a flaw?
Do you avoid mistakes at all costs?
Do you get easily upset when there is a mistake or a delay?
Do you view failures and mistakes as unacceptable?
Do you delay self-care?
Are you often hard on yourself? Do you beat yourself up when things go wrong?
Do you worry about multiple areas of your life?
Do you have racing thoughts? Do you find it hard to calm your mind?
Do you struggle with anxiety?
Do you have a hard time delegating things?
Do you like being in control?
Do you have low self-esteem and confidence?
Does it feel like there is always more to do?
Do you avoid confrontation? Because you are afraid of hurting the other person’s feelings?
Do you have a hard time saying no, setting boundaries?

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Well hello, Perfectionist!
Welcome to the club! I know you have been a member for a while since you checked off most of the answers in this quiz. Perfectionism is showing up in many areas of your life, from work to friendship, to dating. The high expectations you have of yourself must be met all the time and with everyone. Your perfectionism is getting in the way of you living your best life happily and authentically. Because of your perfectionism, you are struggling with intense emotions, whether it is anxiety or irritability. You are losing confidence and trust in yourself. It is time to break up with perfectionism. If you are interested in learning more about how to break up with perfectionism, I got a great resource for you. Click here to check out out my self-study course and let’s get you started on recovering from perfectionism!
Have you been befriending perfectionism?
It looks like it has been tagging along for some time. You scored right in the middle where you said yes to between six and ten out of the 15 signs of perfectionism. I say, watch out! If you don’t tackle your perfectionism now, believe me, it will only get worse. The fact is perfectionism can show up in so many different areas; but ultimately, it is about the need to be or appear perfect, without flaws. When you are trying too hard to do things perfectly, you eventually suffer emotionally. You neglect relationships, and most importantly, yourself. Let’s set some clear boundaries with your perfectionism so it doesn’t take any more power away from you. Click here to check out out my self-study course and let’s get you started on recovering from perfectionism!
Watch out, perfectionism is sneaking up on you!

Perfectionism is often rewarded and praised. After all, who doesn’t want things to turn out well. But expecting yourself to do things perfectly without a flaw or a mistake is not the same as doing your best. Perfectionism is not striving for excellence; it is about having unrealistically high expectations of yourself. If untreated, perfectionism leads to anxiety, worry, guilt, and shame. It is linked to codependency, people-pleasing, and feeling disconnected from oneself. If you want to learn more about perfectionism, check out my self-study course here.