Do you think you may have carpal tunnel syndrome?

If you're experiencing hand pain and are worried you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, you’re not alone. Answer a few quick questions to learn whether it's time to call your doctor or if you're in the clear.
Do you have numbness and tingling in either hand?
Do your symptoms wake you at night?
Are there things you do every day that make your hand(s) hurt or fall asleep, such as reading a book, driving or other repetitive activities?
Have you tried wearing a wrist splint?
Have you had wrist injections for your numbness/tingling?
Does the numbness or tingling extend past your wrist?
Do you have numbness ONLY in the small finger?
Do you have pain in your shoulder or neck?
Do you have numbness in your feet?
Have you ever had carpal tunnel surgery on the same hand(s) where you are experiencing pain?
You may have or be at risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
Some of your responses indicate you may have symptoms that are associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. Consider scheduling an appointment with an orthopaedic hand/wrist pain specialist by calling number 570-473-5483.
Good news! Your responses indicate you most likely do not have carpal tunnel syndrome.
According to your responses, it's likely that your symptoms may not indicate carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re experiencing pain in your hands or wrists, you can schedule an appointment with our orthopaedic specialists by calling 570-672-8075.

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