Which medieval dance should YOU learn?

Carole, Estampie, Almain or Basse Dance? Which dance suits you the most? Take the quiz to find out!
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Who would you like to dance with?
Where would you like to perform your dance?
How energetic are you?
Do you like to show off?
How simple would you like the dance to be?
The Carole
Constantly flowing and moving, the carole is a popular and lively social dance, that is either in a joined or broken circle. With no set dance moves and performed in a big group, this is perfect if you don't mind a bit of improvisation and enjoy being part of a crowd.

The Estampie
Popularised by the Troubadours, this simple dance was all about making patterns with a partner and showing off to your peers. Perfect for those who love to flaunt it and make a statement!
The Almain
This energetic processional dance may be tied to the noble courts of Europe, however its lively 'peasant-like' hops make it celebratory in nature and fun to perform. Great to perform with a partner at a meeting of friends!
The Basse Dance
The graceful dance of nobility! Whilst not energetic, this dance demands control and balance to show off your dignity and importance to the peers of the realm.