Quiz 19. Your dog's health.

Take an active part in preventing problems with your dog’s health.

If your dog is in pain:
It’s a good idea to each week check your dog’s:
Every week we check our dog’s ear canals because:
Once a week look at your dog’s eyes to:
Once a week inspect your dog’s teeth and gums to check that:
My dog's teeth are not clean. What should I do?
How often should a seemingly healthy dog have a check up at the vets?
In a check-up, the vet should check your dog’s:
I can hear my dog’s nails hit the floorboards. What does that mean?
Vets seem to charge a lot. It’s cheaper for me to see a general practitioner (doctor).
Oh dear. I can't bear to look at that low score.
Oh me, oh my. Oh dear. Sigh.
Do you seriously want me to say something about that score?
With a score like that, you might need to take a long hard look at yourself.
Are you okay? Were you feeling queasy when you did this quiz?
Only six answers right? Are you okay?
You are showing lots of promise!
Hey, that's a very good result. I'm impressed!

Shucks! You just missed out on a perfect score.

Wow! A perfect score! Congratulations!

Here, have one of these balls as a reward. Mind the slobber.

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