Which Indian dance suits you?

Let's have some fun - find out which Indian dance suits your personality!
Greetings to all fellow dancers across the globe from Indian dance school Panna, based in Belgrade, Serbia
What does your work corner look like?
How often do you dance at home?
What type of costume do you prefer?
What type of stage jewelry do you prefer?
How do you create a choreography?
Where do you like to perform?
With how many people do you like to perform?
Favorite move
Favourite sound in Indian melodies
Favourite colour

You are gentle and strong at the same time. You can easily twirl through life, but when facing hard times - you can be persistant and ruthless!


You love rules and those who do not follow them annoy you. You are calm, patient and very graceful. You are a good listener and you can always offer an excellent advice.


You are a fun loving people’s person. The party doesn’t start before you arrive. You are easygoing extrovert, cheering up your friends and being an excellent support.


You are a traveler, an explorer. Your soul is old, but you are constantly searching for something new to inspire you. And with experience comes wisdom.


Born to be a star! You are the centre of attention. You have numerous suiters/persuers at any time since people often describe you as irresistable.

Indian fusion

There are no boundaries that confine you! You like to stand out, be different, unique. You create your own path!