What fabric type do I need?

Getting ready to start a new project but unsure of what fabric type is best? Complete this quiz for a suggestion on what fabric type to use for your project!
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What type of garment are you making?
Does your garment need to be breathable?
Would you like your garment to be flowy or stuctured?
Does your garment require 2-way or 4-way stretch?
Does your garment need top be soft?
Which fiber do you prefer for your fabric?
Would you like your garment to be sheer?
How thick/heavy would you like your fabric to be?
Cotton Lycra
Cotton Lycra is a breathable, sturdy fabric with great stretch and recovery! It is extremely versatile and works for almost all projects, including bands and children's clothing.
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Brushed Polyester
Brushed Polyester, often referred to as DBP or SBP (Double and Single brushed) is an extremely soft fabric with fantastic stretch, drape, and recovery. DBP is great for leggings, dresses, tops, cardigans, hoodies, and more!
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French Terry
French Terry is an extremely versatile fabric. Characterized by the small loops on the wrong side of the fabric, french terry is very popular for warm clothing such as joggers and hoodies.
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Sweater knit is a cozy fabric that comes in a variety of types, styles, thicknesses, and weaves. It makes fantastic cardigans, hoodies, and more!
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Mesh and Lace
Mesh and Lace are semi-sheer fabrics that are breathable and versatile. Mesh and Lace can be used as overlays for tops, dresses, lingerie, or even as full or partial garments such as cardigans or the sleeves or back of a shirt.
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Double Knits
Double knits are thick fabrics often used for structured garments such as pants, jackets, and thick headbands. These fabrics (such as Scuba, Liverpool, and Ponte) are generally easy to work with due to their thickness.
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Jersey is a lightweight poly/cotton blend fabric with two-way stretch. It also comes in Triblend, which includes rayon and is softer than the cotton/poly blend. Jersey is great for T-shirts, tank tops, dresses, and skirts.
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Rayon Spandex
Rayon Spandex is a lightweight fabric that is cool to the touch. It is breathable and made of natural fibers. Rayon Spandex has 4-way stretch and is great for lightweight tops, dresses, skirts, and more.
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