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Create stunning & top performing lists with our online list maker. Make lists that people love to read & share. It takes minutes!

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Over 100,000 Bloggers, Brands & Publishers are Generating Engagement & Traffic with our Lists

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Since 2011, Opinion Stage has been helping individuals and organizations of all sizes to make engaging interactive content to drive traffic, gather qualified leads, generates revenue & extract deep insights.

Why Use Our Online List Maker?

Following are the top reasons why our List maker stands out

Outstanding Engagement &
Viral Sharing

Create lists that are designed to maximize engagement and social sharing. Increase time on site and viral traffic to your content and site.

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Responsive Design &
Mobile Optimized

Lists are built based on responsive design principles to validates that your list functions & displays great on all devices, including mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop screens. In addition, the lists are optimized to load fast on mobile and on slower network connections to optimize the end-user experience.

Fully Customize Your List

Customize your lists so they match your brand. and perfectly fit into your site. Select from built-in color themes, fonts and sizes or use custom css to fully customize every design aspect of the list. Lastly, you can white label the list and add your own logo.

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Embed Anywhere or Run from Our Landing Page

Embed the Lists on any CMS or web page. Opinion Stage supports multiple embed types including javascript, iframe, placement, native WordPress and more. If you do not own a site, you can also run your list from an optimized landing page on the Opinion Stage site.

Need More Interactive Tools?

With the same account you can also create these best-of-class tools

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Polls come full of features such as blocking cheat voting, custom result displays, detailed reporting, scheduled closing and more.

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Beautiful Slideshows let you package information in an appealing and engaging way, increasing time spent on your content.

Survey icon


Beautiful Surveys designed to maximize participation rates. Include detailed reports and integrations with marketing services.

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Quizzes come packed with features, including lead generation, detailed reporting, social sharing integrations and more.


Forms that maximize submissions. Full of custom fields and customization options. Get notified on submissions in real-time.

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Interactive Article

Interactive articles let you integrate visual, social & interactive elements into conversion focused articles.

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