Know Your Recent Presidents

Are you a President whiz!
There were 4 Presidents from the Democratic-Republican party. Which served only 1 Term?
John Quincy Adams served only 1 term

The 3 others from the Democratic-Republican party served 2 full terms:

Who served first?
#10 Tyler (he took over when WH Harrison died)
#12 Taylor

Both were Whigs!
Which was a Republican?
#9 WH Harrison was a Whig.
#23 B Harrison was a Republican.
Which was a Democrat?
#26 T Roosevelt was a Republican.
#32 F Roosevelt was a Democrat.
Which was from the Federalist Party?
#2 John Adams was a Federalist
#6 John Quincy Adams was from the Democratic-Republican party
Which Johnson served longer?
Both Johnsons were Vice Presidents and both took over when a President was assassinated.

#17 Andrew Johnson took over when Lincoln was assassinated and served the rest of the term, but was NOT reelected for a second term. So he served only a partial term.
#36 Lyndon Johnson took over when Kennedy was assassinated, finished Kennedy's term and then was reelected for a second term. So he served more than 1 term.
PARTIES: Who's the Odd Man Out?
Jackson and L Johnson (and A Johnson) were all Democrats. Both Bushes were Republicans.
More presidents had this 1st name than any other. What was it?
5 named James (plus 1 Jimmy): James Madison, Monroe Polk, Buchanan, Garfield (plus Jimmy Carter)
Who served first?
It's alphabetical:

#4 Madison
#5 Monroe
Dan Qualyle was Vice President for which President?
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