Quiz: how to know if you have burnout

Not sure if you have burnout? Take this quiz.

The more you answer yes, the more likely it is that you're experiencing burnout.
Do you find it difficult to start work every day?
Are you struggling to complete tasks - even when they’re small?
Are you unable to stay motivated throughout the day?
Does your job make you feel helpless and incapable?
Do you struggle to focus?
Are you lacking in energy throughout the day?
Do you feel cynical about your job?
Are you lacking creativity?
Are you snapping at your colleagues and finding them difficult to work with?
Do you feel unsatisfied with the completion of your tasks or work achievements?
Are you struggling to get to sleep and/ or struggling to get up in the morning?
Are you abusing alcohol and/ or drugs?
You answered {number correct} out of 12 questions yes.
If you've answered yes to multiple questions, you may be experiencing burnout.