Which Mi'ja Personality Are You?

Our cultura is amazing and also teaches us how we are to show up as Latinas in the world. These personalities can be influenced by our social, religious/spiritual, and/or gender role in a Latinx familia. Who are you as a Mi'ja, a Latina who shows up as others expect you to be? Who are you really as a Hermana, someone who shows up as their most authentic and confident self?

The following personality quiz is based on the 3 personality types (La Buena, La Fuerte, La Perfecta) created by Dr. Kelly Alvarado-Young (KAY). According to Dr. KAY, we fall into one of the three personalities, especially, when we are first-generation, Latinas who are close with immediate familia.

Before you begin this self-discovery journey, please keep in mind that this quiz is not to label people. Our personalities are beautifully complex and dynamic. We are never only one type.

Also, while this personality type quiz was designed with great care and attention, it is not a professional personality test. So, have fun and use this as a starting place to learn more about being your most authentic and confident self!