Are you ready for a ransomware attack?

Take the quiz and find out!


Your computer is hacked, all data stolen. How much ransom do cybercriminals usually ask for?
In which currency do cybercriminals usually want their ransom?
Ransomware is usually delivered in e-mails with malicious attachments. Which file extensions are the most dangerous?
Is there any ransomware for macOS?
In 2016, one in five businesses worldwide were attacked by ransomware. Which businesses or industries faced the greatest risk last year?
Will backup always save you from the consequences of ransomware attacks?
If you have no money, cybercriminals may give you other options. Which demand is false?
Ransomware often has strange and funny names. In 2016 a malware twofer was named like two pals. Guess those names!
Security companies and law enforcement launched the antiransomware site No More Ransom, which provides free decryptors and useful articles. How have criminals reacted?
Danger, danger — learn to properly back up your data immediately! Read the FAQ at and stay alert!

Not too shabby. You know a lot about ransomware, but you’ll find even more useful information at the No Ransom website.


Ransomware expert. One day you can join the security experts team! Or are you from the dark side?