FTB Quebec Religious Symbol Ban Survey

You've probably heard of the Quebec Government's proposed Religious Symbol Ban, aka Bill 21. Here's your chance to weigh in.

For a breakdown of the proposed law: http://www.forgetthebox.net/a-law-that-hurts-everyone-a-crash-course-on-bill-21-201904031/
Quebecois (painting by Samantha Gold)
Do you live in Quebec?
Do you live in the Greater Montreal Area?
Do you or a close friend or family member wear any of the clothing (Hijab, Kippah, Turban, Niqab, etc) banned for public sector employees by the proposed law on a regular basis?
Aside from on yourself or a close friend or family member, how often do you encounter someone wearing a clothing item banned for public sector employees under the proposed law?
Do you support the Legeault Government's proposed Law 21 (aka the Religious Symbol Ban)?
Which, if any, of the following garments, do you think public sector employees should be barred from wearing on the job?
How important an issue is this for you?
Do you support Montreal's plan to remove the crucifix from the City Council chambers?
What do you think is the CAQ Government's motivation for Bill 21?
Thank you!
Thank you