What Dinosaur Are You?

Whether you're strong-willed, hard-charging, loyal or compassionate, there's a dinosaur just like you! Have fun with this completely unscientific quiz! (11 possible outcomes)

(Much of the dinosaur information at the end was taken from Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd, 2017)
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For a weekend evening, would you rather?
At work, your co-workers describe you as?
Your friends like you most for your?
When looking for a friend, you most prize?
For vacation, would you rather?
What are you best at?
Tyrannosaurus rex
The "tyrant king" of the jungle, Tyrannosaurus rex was a ferocious predator. It weighed about 5 tons by 20 years of age. The oldest specimen found, "Sue," lived to be somewhere around 28 years old.

Like the T. rex, you are strong-willed in the best ways. You get things done and are willing to push yourself and other people toward their peak performance. With your high expectations, you make a great leader and a dependable friend.
A deadly prehistoric crocodile, Saurosuchus could reach 20 to 30 feet in length. Its massive bulk was centered in the thick neck and skull designed for biting (its head was similar to a T. rex).

Like Saurosuchus, your strength is concentrated deep within. You can be aggressive in a subtle way and tend to get stuff done by working a situation until things move in your favor. Often, you accomplish more by reading a situation than bulldozing your way through it. Your friends typically follow your lead.
https://dinosauralive.fandom.com/wiki/Saurosuchus, Posted by Orion001

Similar to the T. rex, the Carnotaurus has small arms and powerful back legs, but it also has two conical bony crests on its head, leading to the name Carnotaurus which means "meat-eating bull." At its size, it could go anywhere it wanted to in the jungle.

You have that same adventurous spirit. Boisterous and always ready for a party, you continuously grow your hoard of friends. You take work seriously, but find ways to ensure everyone is having fun!

Stegosaurus means "roof reptile" because its plates were originally thought to lay flat on its back like roof tiles. Now, paleontologists believe the bony plates stood in rows along its back, perhaps for temperature control.

Like Stegosaurus, who probably traveled in stable herds, you are stable and loyal. You have exceptional control over your emotions and can be persistent when faced with right versus wrong decisions. Your friends admire your calm nature. As a rule-follower, you push others to walk a path with high ideals.
At 82 feet in length, Brachiosaurus was not the longest dinosaur, but was the heaviest at 20 to 50 tons. It had similar proportions to a giraffe, except it was twice as tall and 50 times heavier. Its name means "arm reptile" because of its massive front legs. As strong and powerful as this dinosaur was, it lived in a social community where it stayed close to each other and cared for its young in nests.

You are no less communal and protective. You give credit where its due and often look for outcasts to include in the group. Nearly everyone speaks of your compassionate kindness, except maybe those who threaten someone you care about.
The largest flying animals to ever live, Pterosaurs had wingspans of up to 40 feet. Most weighed from 10 to 20 pounds, but specimens from Pteranodon weighed over 44 pounds. That's one heavy bird!

Like the winged Pterodactyls, your personality is light, but substantial. You are energetic, fitting a lot into a day, while still keeping it all in perspective. Your friends enjoy your wit couple with an airy sense of humor.
The head crest of a full-grown Parasaurolophus could reach 6 feet in length. With its long, hollow, tubular head bone, this dinosaur was comfortable as the center of attention.

Like the Parasaurolophus, you are charming, fashionable, and social, maybe even a little ostentatious. Your work life is centered around tasks you find engaging. With more friends than you need, you're the life of the party ... when you choose to be.
https://dinosauralive.fandom.com/wiki/Parasaurolophus, Posted by Orion001
Dilophosaurus was a large, agile, meat-eating theropod dinosaur. It had two bony crests on its head, causing it to be named "two ridged reptile." It may or may not have had a neck frill as depicted in the movies. This creature weighed as much as half a ton (similar to a modern-day polar bear) and was a fearsome predator.

Like Dilophosaurus, your personality is agile and exciting. You can fit yourself to any situation and adapt with ease. You're adventurous and always ready for the next challenge. Friends and co-workers alike are envious of your zest for life.
Pachycephalosaurus was named "thick-headed reptile" for the thickened layer of bone on the crown of its head. It may have used this for defense by charging predators or to butt one another during breeding season.

Like this dome-headed dinosaur, you definitely have a mind of your own and you're willing to stand up for what you believe. Stubborn, almost to the point of being bull-headed, you do what you think is right. Friends envy your convictions and co-workers admire your work ethic. When you use your strong nature for good, nothing can stop you.
Velociraptor could run fast and leap great distances with its powerful back legs, all while thrusting its six-inch claw in a deadly arc. Its name means "speedy thief" and it was one of the smartest, most cunning dinosaurs in the jungle.

Like Velociraptor, you are an intelligent problem-solver. Your analytical nature causes people to trust you and have confidence in your abilities. You rely on hard data which makes you a good leader who steers others down the most logical path. Your friends take your advice seriously.

Triceratops was 30 feet long and weighed up to 10 tons. It was named "three horn face" for its short nose horn and twin 3 feet long eyebrow horns. Scientists are undecided as to the purpose of its neck frill. Was it an anchor for its powerful chewing muscles (it had sharp teeth in its cheeks)? Was it a shield from predators? Or was it a colored ornament to intimidate predators or entice mates? Perhaps it was all three. Despite the neck-deep controversy, we are pretty sure this horned dinosaur lived in a social herd.

Like Triceratops, you are deeply loyal to members of your group. Co-workers confide their secrets in you. Although you may enjoy your solitude from time to time, when you let someone inside your circle, you'll do anything for them. Those in your herd are lucky to be called your friend.