Authenticity Assessment Quiz

How Authentic Are YOU??  Find out by taking our Authenticity Assessment Quiz!!

I feel disconnected from parts of myself.
Everything I do requires a lot of effort and energy.
I fiercely follow my passions in life.
I am at ease with who I am.
I often say things that are expected of me rather than what I would really like to say.
I see problems as challenges to solve.
I express myself openly and freely.
I embrace my weaknesses as well as my strengths.
I experience many moments of happiness and joy.
I have made peace with the past.
I have many opportunities to express my strengths, gifts and talents.
I dislike many things about myself.
I feel a certain uneasiness with other people.
I am a different person in different situations or with different people.
I struggle with stress and anxiety.
I don’t think I will ever fulfill my full potential.
My life is full of opportunities and choices.
I am often influenced by the expectations and judgments of others.
I often hide how I really feel inside.
My ‘inner voice’ guides me through my life choices and decisions.
My actions and behavior don’t always match my beliefs.
I take good care of my health and well-being.
Most of my important relationships are meaningful and loving.
I am comfortable spending some time in solitude.
I am not scared of showing my vulnerabilities.
88 - 100
Congratulations!! You have gained the highest score possible, which reveals you are already Fearlessly Authentic.  You love life and life loves YOU.  You stand in your power and live life on your terms, where opportunities come to you.  

You have most likely spent many years doing deep inner work to transform your inner baggage (limiting beliefs, negative patterns, toxic emotions) and therefore now reap the rewards of this through the inner peace, joy and presence that you feel.

You have a strong awareness and are deeply connected to your intuition, which allows you to express your deepest truth freely and passionately in all areas of your life.  You are able to connect deeply with others and understand them and are surrounded by many loving relationships.
65 - 87
Your Authenticity Score reveals you are stepping into Authenticity, but there is still room for improvement in many areas of your life.  You have most likely spent many years doing deep inner work to transform your inner baggage (limiting beliefs, negative patterns, toxic emotions) and are starting to see the benefits of this show up in your life and how you feel. Perhaps, you have also undertaken some training in coaching programs or energy healing systems.  

You have invested time and effort in getting to know yourself and have a strong intuitive ability that guides your life; but you have NOT yet made peace with all areas of your life - in other words, there are still things you struggle with.  

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34 - 64
Your Authenticity Score reveals that you are Somewhat Authentic.  That means that although you may have spent some time and effort in understanding yourself, you haven't really invested in going deeper to transform the internal baggage of limiting beliefs, negative patterns and toxic emotions.

You deeply desire peace and happiness; but struggle with stress, anxiety and fear in many areas of your life.  Some of your core wounds may be rejection, abandonment and betrayal.  Life and people are often a big puzzle to you and you struggle to understand some of your relationships, which keeps you in a reactive state.

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12 - 33
Your Authenticity Score reveals that you have a lot of work to do towards becoming Authentic.  You suffer from stress and anxiety and have many struggles in your life.  many things feel like a huge effort and you often feel as if you don't have a clear direction and purpose in your life.

You may struggle with things like rejection, abandonment, fear, betrayal and trust issues and hurts of the past affect your current relationships and how you feel and behave with yourself and others.  There may also be childhood experiences that still haunt you, though you try to push them away.

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0 - 11
Your Authenticity Score reveals that you are extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with yourself and your life.  You have struggles in every area of your life - relationships, finances, career, friendships and so on.  

You struggle with anxiety and depression and everything you have to do feels like such a big effort.  You are probably following an invisible rulebook that was handed down to you and you have never questioned it.  

There are deep hurts from the past that you have pushed away and you struggle with issues of rejection, abandonment, fear, anger, guilt, trust and betrayal.

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