Discover Your Luminosity Factor

Your Luminosity Factor is your intrinsic brightness that diminishes with distance. The further you are away from your goal, the less your light shines; the less others can see your glow.


Like stars in the night sky, each of us has our unique Luminosity Factor--how brightly we shine in our world. This quiz will give you your Luminosity Number as well as some tips to increase your lumens and brighten your glow.

Are you living the life you choose?
Are you happy with your relationships or own life?
Do you like your job?
Do you choose where you live?
Do you speak up for yourself?
How connected do you feel to others?
Do you have a creative outlet?
Do you feel in control of your life?
Are you following your purpose?
How happy do you feel about the trajectory of your life?
Give yourself a pat on the back! You have created a life that you feel fulfilled by.

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You Shine Bright!
In most aspects of your life, you've been able to create so much light! You feel your calling and purpose but a part of you may be wanting to know what else is possible. What else in your life can you illuminate and make totally brilliant?

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Your Light Is Visible
You've managed to create light in some areas of your life but could maybe use some support on your wellness journey. You've taken steps towards total well-being and you're ready to take this to the next level of BRILLIANCE!

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Let's Get You Feeling Bright and Shiny!
We know that the journey to living a totally brilliant life is not without it's challenges. We've all been in that place of pure discontentment and wanting more from life. Are you ready to make some profound transformations?

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