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How susceptible are you to being misinformed? Find out which alien you'll get matched with to determine your susceptibility to believing misinformation.
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Are you a Johns Hopkins University affiliate?
How often do you post on social media?
On a scale from 1-5, how much are you influenced by sources of authority?
I have strong analytical skills.
I like to consider many different opinions before making a decision.
I tend to have friends who are very similar to me.
I am heavily influenced by the opinions of people around me.
I do a lot of things on impulse.
During arguments, I tend to interrupt people before they can finish speaking.
I tend to be skeptical towards new information that I hear about.
To what extent do fear-based headlines grab your attention more than other headlines?
How often do you click on a link after reading the news headline?
How likely are you to trust information spread on social media by people you personally know?
How likely are you to trust information spread on social media by people you don’t personally know?
How often do you verify information before sharing it (either through social media or in person)?
What percent of your news intake comes only from social media?
How do you verify your information? Please scroll down and select all that apply.
How willing would you be to call out/report a misinformative post/statement/account?
To what degree have you sought out information about the Uyghur Genocide in China? Please scroll down and select all that apply.
To what degree have you sought out information about the Military coup in Burma? Please scroll down and select all that apply.
Is this headline true or false? Please scroll down to select the answer.
Is this post true or false? Please scroll down to select the answer.

Based on your results, we have matched you with Tristan! Scroll down to see your persona!

Tristan is an alien from a small world and has never left his home planet. With so much unknown, Tristan tends to fall for outlandish theories, in fact he wears a tinfoil hat at all times to protect his brain from mind control devices (despite there being no evidence of mind control in his galaxy). Tristan spends the majority of his time researching into his conspiracy theories in order to validate them and trying to convince people into believing his theories as well.

Tristan is very passionate about these theories and thus is susceptible to taking radical action to support them. Tristan’s passion for these theories unfortunately has pushed away many of his friends and family as he believes they are in on these conspiracies since they won’t validate his theories. Because of this Tristan feels lonely and finds solace in an online community with other conspiracy theorists. However, this online community has only further radicalized Tristan, thus driving away more friends and family.

Although Tristan seems to be in the grips of misinformation, it is not too late for him to return to reality. Click below for some resources Tristan could read up on to protect himself from dangerous misinformation.


Your results have matched you with Karen! Scroll down to see your persona!

Karen is a middle aged alien who believes she is up to date with the latest trends and styles with her pink purse and mom jeans. She is the mother of three kids, ages ranging from 8-12. She is very involved in her children’s lives and is a proud soccer mom!

Karen gets her information from what her Facebook friends share. While she may think she is very well-informed, she actually isn’t. She plays the news in the background and is therefore unable to fully absorb the information. Believing she is well-informed, Karen spreads misinformation and fake news around via social media sites. She loves to share all her opinions and often speaks to her friends and family members about recent events.

The best way for Karen to identify and avoid misinformation is to begin prioritizing her news from verified, fact-checked sources instead of social media. She should pay more attention to detail when reading news from different media sites. For some fact-checking resources, click below.


Based on your answers, we have matched you with Alex! Scroll down to see your persona!

Alex is a mechanic who fixes spaceships. He works long hours and often has to travel because of his job, so he likes to spend what little free time he has on just relaxing and hanging out with his friends and family. He doesn’t tend to keep up with recent news, and is okay with it, because he prefers to focus his energy on things that directly affect him. Sometimes, he’ll see big news stories on TV, and while he can feel very strongly about them, he tries not to dwell on it too much so that he can just enjoy his life.

Alex just wants to enjoy the simple things in life. He likes to look at harmless memes, cute animals, and cool photos that appear on his social media feed. Other than the occasional like or comment on his friends’ posts, he keeps a low social media presence. Alex is also fairly skeptical and isn’t prone to believing dangerous misinformation. Every once in a while, he comes across someone who is extremely misinformed, and while it annoys him, he just leaves them be and doesn’t do anything about it.

If Alex does want to read more on news that may affect him personally, he should click below for some resources he can use, as well as some instances in which misinformation has led to violence, so that he is aware of how dangerous being misinformed can be.


Based on your results, we have matched you with Jordan! Scroll down to see your persona!

Jordan worked hard to attend one of their galaxy’s top universities through a merit-based scholarship. After graduating with a degree in the social sciences and humanities, they are now doing internships to gain real-world experience before moving on to higher education.

Jordan is adept at making sure the information they are consuming is factual. Their social media feed is filled with recent news headlines, but Jordan recognizes that what they see on social media may not tell the whole story. Therefore, they try to fact-check their news when they can, but they don't call out people on social media who they see are spreading misinformation.

However, Jordan can be susceptible to engaging in heated arguments with misinformed people face-to-face. Because they themselves are able to discern when information may be misleading, they don’t understand why people believe and spread misinformation. Therefore, Jordan should click below to access some resources they can use to learn more about why others may be so susceptible to misinformation.


Based on your results, we have matched you with Clark! Scroll down to see your persona!

Clark is a benevolent alien from a species that specializes in journalism and highly values uncovering the truth. Clark became extremely passionate in his fight against misinformation after watching it cause a brutal civil war on his home planet. Clark knows of the suffering that misinformation has brought to other planets, so he has dedicated his life to becoming a paragon of virtue for journalists across the galaxy.

Clark understands that no one is immune to misinformation, so he does not antagonize those that are misinformed. Instead, he helps guide them back to reality by using genuine facts and verified sources to debunk their theories. Clark then provides resources to these people to keep them from being ensnared in the grasp of misinformation.

As the head journalist of the largest, most reputable news agency in the galaxy, Clark sets a great example for aspiring journalists, and is a beacon of hope in the battle against misinformation. Click below for some resources that Clark would use to help teach others about misinformation.