10 Steps To Becoming A Complete Yoruba Demon

The Yoruba Demons out here are the ones who know just how to have their way around multiple women, they are the happening gang of guys who step into places and make all the noise with their looks and assets, not forgetting their uniform of white trad and black, making it even more stamped that they are truly the “Demons” every girl’s mother warned her of.

Anyone can make their way into becoming a Yoruba Demon, not overnight though, the gang of loud mouthed and stark bold Yoruba Demons are not necessarily Yoruba men, the tribe has got little to do with it, it’s a state of mind, a callous, mean, cheating and lying mind that would finish with a sister this minute and even get a thousand more pregnant while having a wife and expecting a child in a different country. But this is considered the “cool”, there’s no match for these guys because they are on top of their crazy game and hot girls absolutely love them.

 Here’s How To Become One

Be In Lagos:
Lagos Life

Lagos is where every dirty, exciting, over-the-top, big life and fun happen, almost everything starts in Lagos, this is where the Yoruba Demons are based, the perfect city for their careless night lives and party spirit.


A Full Wardrobe of White Trad
Yoruba Demon

Every gang has a uniform you know, the Yoruba Demons chose theirs to be the big, flying, classy, expensively sewed white traditional wear, its their special charm for all the fine girls at Owambe events and even the red carpet.


On A Good Day, Black Trad!
Yoruba Demon

Just so nobody thinks they dont know their way around colours, but of every colour, they pointed “black” that’s how you know they are actually “demons”. Have a smashing collection of black trad in a special wardrobe, that’s the first stage.


 A Lying Mouth and A Sincere Smile
Yoruba Demon

You cant catch a Yoruba Demon at his game, the kind of guy that would hold your hands and swear by his kidney that he has been to the moon for you when his phone is vibrating in his back pocket (his main chic calling). Their Smiles don’t lie but they do.


Killer Accent
Yoruba Demon

They are not always yahoo boys who have to force the English by any means, they are naturally smooth with the accent and a killer tone, you cant be a Yoruba demon if your swags start to lie. It has to be a total packaging


The Latest iPhone
Yoruba Demon

You are either doing this or you are not, ever seen a Yoruba demon with some cheap android phone and a supporting touch light, no way! Such demon practically don’t exist in the gang. Your phone must be the latest iPhone, plus a supporting Samsung S6, yeah, the water resistant.

  A Cool Ride:
Yoruba Demon

You cant be a Yoruba Demon without owning a cool Range Rover Evoke, a Ford, a Mercedes or anything in between. Have a ride? Then you are a big step into this gang.


Dark Shades and Beards
Yoruba Demon

Never ever forget the beards, its your best bet as a Yoruba Demon, even if everything else lies, a clean, full and nicely shaved beards does the magic. Yoruba Demons are the real beard gang.

Side Chics
Yoruba Demon

Its all about living the life, there’s no “being faithful” here, as a Yoruba Demon, you are expected to have about 10 or more side chics that you manage to satisfy without stress. You could play the game of “one girl for each White trad” and change the girls like you are changing your Trads. 

Main Chic
Yoruba Demon

Your life as a Yoruba Demon might just be as good as dead if there’s no main chic that you place above every other chic all over the country. Every complete Yoruba Demon has a main chic they crave to return home to every night, after the Friday night life ends.

There you go! Top 10 Steps to becoming a complete Yoruba Demon. Go ahead and join the gang, its absolutely allowed.

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