Recover your Yahoo account without using the email address or phone number

Recover your Yahoo account without using the email address or phone number

As we know, there are numerous email services available on the internet. Yahoo Mail is among the widely used email services, which helps in sending/receiving emails, accessing Yahoo services and many other third-party accounts and applications also. To access your Yahoo account, you must have a valid username and password for the account. In case you enter any of the credentials incorrectly, you will not be allowed to access the Yahoo account. To regain access to the account, you need to use correct details. If you have lost or forgotten the account details, you need to follow the process of Yahoo account recovery. All the details of account recovery are provided in this article.

Recover Yahoo account without email and phone number

If you are unable to access your Yahoo account, in most of the cases, it's due to the lost or forgotten password of Yahoo account. To regain access, you can recover your password using different recovery options. In case you don't have access to your alternate email and the phone number associated with the account, you can proceed with Yahoo account recovery as follows:

  • Go to the Yahoo recovery page in your web browser.

  • Enter the username of your Yahoo account in the given fields and click Next.

  • On the next page, you need to click the link of the Forgot password, and the recovery procedure will start.

  • When the recovery options are prompted, you have to choose the suitable one. If you choose an alternate email address, Yahoo will send an email with the unique code. This code is further required for user verification.

  • Another recovery method is, using the recovery phone number. When you enter the complete phone number, Yahoo will send a code on your number and you need to enter in the verification field.

  • In case, you are unable to access any of these recovery methods, you can use the option of security questions. In this, you will be asked some already saved questions. If you answer them correctly, you will be provided with the recovery option.

  • Once you are verified with the correct security questions, Yahoo will give you an option to create a new password for the account.

  • You can enter and save the new password.

  • Finally, it can be used for signing-in to the Yahoo account.

  • You must use alphanumeric and special characters for a strong password in case of Yahoo account recovery.

If you have any other query related to Yahoo account recovery, technical support executives can be contacted. Yahoo support team is available 24x7 for assistance and you can contact them for any of the Yahoo related queries. To get in touch with them, you can use the Yahoo support page, which has all the contact details. You can choose among the phone number, email or live chat options, to contact them for queries.