Test your closing skills

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What do you say when your buyer says, “What a beautiful view!”?
Which of these marketing headlines is the most likely to motivate a buyer to contact you?  
You’re on a listing appointment. Which question gives you the most useful information about your sellers and how to close them?
What do you say when your buyer tells you, “I hate these ugly carpets!”?
You walk into a house and it has the ugliest blue kitchen cabinets you and your buyer have ever seen. What do you say?
Your buyer is dressed to the nines with a black designer leather jacket, lots of jewelry and bright red Jimmy Choo high-heeled boots. Which one of these closing statements will be most effective in closing to write an offer?
When the seller objects by saying, “Well Zillow says my house is worth more,” which approach is best?
What is the least effective way to get a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) to agree to list with you?
Your buyers ask you, “Where is the property line?” Which response is the best?
Your listing has just gone under contract. The day after the buyer’s physical inspection, a brown spot appears on the ceiling even though there hasn’t been rain for months. How do you amend the disclosure statement?
If you got nine or 10 of these rights, you have stellar closing skills. If you scored less, use the answers from this quiz to close more deals in the future.

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