Why Do You Need A Corporate Lawyer?

While assimilating a business or you have already incorporated it you need advice on your legal responsibilities. Being one of the oldest and largest corporate law firms in Beirut Lebanon, we have encountered this, especially by some startups.

But before going into the details as to why a business needs a corporate lawyer, there’s a brief explanation of what a corporate lawyer actually is.

What does a corporate lawyer do?

Corporate lawyers are simply those who specialize in corporate law in Beirut Lebanon. They work with business or companies and with their knowledge in the field they make sure that you are legally transacting.

Whether it’s negotiating the acquisition of a multibillion-dollar company or assisting a small Internet start-up, corporate lawyers are involved in advising businesses on their numerous legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. The general corporate practice involves handling a wide range of legal issues for businesses.

Reasons you need a corporate lawyer

· Counselling regarding legal matters: When you choose to operate a business, the corporate lawyer helps you with an approach on how to protect your assets and business as a whole legally. They advise you before taking a step by analyzing the situation first to counsel you on the consequences that can actually affect your company legally.

· Drafting and reviewing legal documents: Disregard the size of your business, contracts will always be essential in your business. A corporate lawyer makes it easy by handling various types of legal documents for you. Few samples of legal documents are:

a)     A warranty document which is given to a customer when they make a purchase; this document gives them the right to reimburse the product under certain circumstances.

b)    Non-compete agreement that restricts an employee to work for another company in the same industry once they are terminated or have resigned.

c)     Commercial property lease agreement- it is a contract between a lesser and a lessee; since we are one of the firms having lawyers in Beirut Lebanon, we can very well say that a lawyer helps you land favorable agreement with the landlord regarding your commercial space.

A corporate lawyer ensures that you’re free from any sort of legal problem while using these documents.

· Trademark and intellectual property: With the aid of a lawyer, you can avoid legal problems like receiving a cease and desist letter. This letter is usually given when you are using someone else’s trademark, in order to avoid this you should seek the help of a lawyer.

Lawyers ensure that you don’t come across any sort of infringement. And when you are all set to have your trademark registered, they make sure that you have the right to use it and is legally protected.

· Evading disputes:  Although you have drafted contracts and agreements with care, still there are chances that disputes might knock your door. But lawyers know how to handle such types of disputes.

Either it’s a dispute between a customer and the business or conflict inside the company between shareholders. Either way, it’s better to have a lawyer who knows your company. 

As one of the corporate firm in Beirut Lebanon, we see that businesses by having corporate lawyer find it easier to handle their affairs.