What Car Fuel Type Suits You?

Answer these questions to see if you are more suited to a petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid car!
Do you frequently go on long journeys?
Do you have a high mileage per month?
Do you care about your vehicle emissions and the environment?
Are you looking for a cheaper car?
Are you looking to change your car quite frequently?
Does noise bother you?
Do you face congestion charges and want to lower them?
Do you want a big range of makes and models to choose from?
Do you live in area with accessible electric charging ports?
Do you need cheaper insurance?
Petrol cars are less noisy, and emit less of the dangerous emissions such as nitrogen. Your journeys are local and mileage lower, and are probably looking to change your car in the next few years.
You go on longer journeys frequently and want the most out of your money, as diesel cars use 15-20% less fuel than petrol. You are looking for a car that you will keep for a while, which also emits less C02 than petrol cars. Diesel cars also have better overtaking power, useful on the motorways you regularly go on.
Your car journeys are short, and you don't need to go more than 100 miles at a time ever! This means, with an electric car, your journey is essentially free! You care about the environment, which is always a good thing. The range between charges is expanding, as are the designs available, so keep an eye out!
Most of your journeys are short and local, under 100 miles, meaning you can get lots of your travels essentially free! However, you want the extra flexibility of the petrol/diesel engine. Hybrids should consume less fuel and emit less C02 than its petrol/diesel counterparts. You will also enjoy the added benefit of lower first year road tax, lower company car tax, and also possibly avoid congestion charges!